ProxTech’s FLEX and FLEX_App module series, standard based on the LEGIC advant 4200 chipset, are completed with extra versions around the SM-4200M or SM-4500 & SM-4500M reader chipsets, offering many additional features. ProxTech’s FLEX and FLEX_App modules can now be exactly tailored to your needs.

The new module with the SM-4200M from LEGIC allows full access on the Mifare Classic transponder. This is signaled by the additional “M” in the product reference.

The SM-4500 & SM-4500M versions have even more added features to the SM-4200M. These versions offer a personalization function (“master token”). This function hands the user the full management of his identification tag by offering control over the segments on the tag, allowing the easy integration of his available applications.

Of course, these new versions of the FLEX and FLEX_App modules are fully pin-compatible to the original version so that easy upgrade from existing SM-4200 applications to SM-4500 or SM-4500M reader chipsets are possible.