ATEX RFID reader

ATEX certified RFID reader

Our ATEX RFID card reader is an explosion-proof card reader for use in hazardous area’s. Available in  different versions for 13.56 MHz or 125 kHz

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FLEX multi-ISO RFID module

The new multi-functional and multi-technology RFID module “FLEX” owes its name to its extreme flexibility in applications. FLEX is a cost-effective read/write module, suited for

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FLEX_App module

FLEX_App offers a super price/feature ratio ! Based on the 13.56 MHz multi-functional and multi-technology RFID module FLEX, the new FLEX_App allows the user a

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FLEX module

As of today, the FLEX module offers also a keyboard emulation mode (HID function) to allow easy connection over USB. This HID function has the

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MULTITOP is a new desktop reader family for 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz transponders, offering HID functionality or virtual COM-port mode. This HID function has

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The well-known ProxLine card reader types MCR and MCR/K have been availabe for many years now in the different versions for 125 kHz EM4102 or

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