In need of a basic RFID stand-alone system without all options and features but just access or no access ? ProxTech’s RFID stand-alone systems offer just that. Available for 125 kHz or MIFARE.



A compact 1-door stand-alone system with integrated reader, antenna, relais and memory for up to 500 users. The PL500 is designed for easy flush mounting in a standard 55mm switchbox, so it will blend in with the surrounding architecture. Programming the PL500 is done completely via a master card.

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A compact 1-door stand-alone system with integrated reader and keypad, antenna, relais and memory for up to 500 users. The PL1000 can be completely programmed with a master card and the built-in keypad.

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An extension on the PL1000 system. The PL3000 is a master/slave system for those applications where an enhanced security level is required. The slave, which is to be mounted in the unsecured area, is just a reader with no intelligence at all. All the controls and intelligence is located in the master unit, which can be installed inside the secured area.

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Stand-alone access


A compact 1-door stand-alone system, based on MIFARE Technology. The system has an integrated MIFARE reader, keypad, antenna, relais, memory for up to 9999 users, and RS232 interface. The ProxKey-MF can be completely configured over a standard terminal software such as Hyperterminal. Alternatively the built-in keypad can be used for adding or deleting cards.

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ProxTech’s RFID stand-alone systems are compact and basic access control systems. No bells and whistles, no frills, but the simplicity that gives something its ease-of-use.

Available for 125 kHz EM and for MIFARE. On request also available for LEGIC or for connection with any Wiegand 26 bit reader.