Stand alone access control – PL3000

A basic, yet secure RFID stand-alone system with master/slave architecture. The complete intelligence is located inside the secured area, which is a huge advantage in preventing the risk for sabotage.

PL3000 is a 1-door access control system with master/slave architecture. The master unit, containing all the intelligence and the relais, can be installed inside the secured area whilst the slave unit, a simple reader without any intelligence, is installed outside this area. This enhances greatly the security level. 

The entire system is programmed by using a master card and the integrated keypad on the master unit.
Due to the fully potted housing, the readers can be installed both indoors and outdoors. An extra optional mounting frame is supplied with each reader to facilitate installation even further or to allow installation on metal surfaces.

Applications for this system : control of offices, computer rooms, storage rooms, private residences, etc.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 80 mm x 80 mm x 18 mm (excl. mounting frame). Optional frame size 80 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Master/slave architecture to enhance security level
  • Supported transponder types :
    • on 125 kHz : 40 bit read only transponders (EM4x02 family, HiTag2 Public Mode A, TEMIC e5550 and equivalent)
  • User memory for up to 500 users (memory located in master unit)
  • Integrated keypad for programming
  • Power supply : 9 – 15 Vac/dc
  • 1 relay output ( NO ) : max. rating 1A / 24V
  • Read range with internal antenna ( values depending on transponder types, power supply and ambient environment )
    • on 125 kHz up to 100 mm
  • Adding and deleting tags is done by simple use of a Master Tag and integrated keypad
  • Indications : 3 LED’s ( red / yellow / green ) + buzzer
  • Protection rate : IP65 ( depending on mounting method )
  • Fully potted housing allows easy installation both in- as outdoor
  • Each user card or key fob has its unique identification number
  • Available in black or white housing

Download following datasheets

Datasheet PL3000