A selection of RFID USB reader series such as desktop readers or USB sticks, or go for an RFID USB module for integration purposes. Designed to support any type of smart card for any application on any computer or processor.

USB readers & modules


The well-designed MULTITOP range of desktop card readers is available for 125 kHz as well as for 13,56 Mhz technology. The MULTITOP offers USB or serial (TTL, RS232 or RS485) interface. USB can be set up as HID (keyboard emulation) or virtual COM-port mode. Also a PC/SC interface can be supplied

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USB readers & modules


MULTITOP PC/SC RFID readers are unique solutions for 13.56 MHz RFID technologies requiring a standardized PC/SC interface. These MULTITOP PC/SC readers allow integrate the practical use of RFID for all applications using PCSC 2.01 communication.

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PEN RFID USB stick reader

The multi-functional PEN RFID USB stick reader is a perfect solution when in need of a portable RFID reader for 13.56 MHz transponders. It offers a standard USB 2.0 interface which can be configured to work either in HID mode (keyboard emulation) or as a virtual COM port.

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RFID USB reader for wall mount

A range of waterproof RFID readers for wall-mounting, also available with USB interface. Both reader versions supports all common 13.56 MHz transponders, including MIFARE, NFC and LEGIC.

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RFID USB module

A range of very small but extremely widely applicable RFID modules on 13.56 MHz, offering a standard USB interface. They support a wide range of 13.56 MHz RFID technologies, including MIFARE, NFC, LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime. These 13.56 MHz modules create a revolution in the RFID market through their extended functionalities and their extreme competitive pricings.

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ProxTech’s RFID USB reader series and RFID USB module series can be supplied as USB desktop readers, USB RFID sticks, USB wall mount readers or USB RFID integration modules and have serious advantages for connection and interfacing.

Many of these readers and modules offer a choice in USB interfacing modes, such as HID (keyboard emulation), virtual COM-port or even transparent mode where you have a direct access to the RFID core chip.

Drivers are available for all operating systems on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Even PC/SC interfacing is available.

Available for 13.56 MHz MIFARE, LEGIC, NFC, ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, HID iClass, … or 125 kHz EM, Hitag, Temic, Q5, HID Prox, … .

In need of any specific RFID USB reader solution or RFID USB module solution ? Just contact us and we see where we can be of help or maybe even develop your customer-specific solution.