ATEX RFID reader

ATEX certified RFID reader

Our ATEX RFID card reader is an explosion-proof card reader for use in hazardous area’s. Available in  different versions for 13.56 MHz or 125 kHz (MIFARE and NFC UID, MIFARE R/W, EM4200/Atmel 5577 or HID Prox), this reader is ATEX zone I and zone II certified. The wide selection of already pre-installed interfaces, user-selectable, make …

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FLEX multi-ISO RFID module

The new multi-functional and multi-technology RFID module “FLEX” owes its name to its extreme flexibility in applications. FLEX is a cost-effective read/write module, suited for use with transponders in all common 13,56MHz technologies. This universal application possibility offers enormous advantages compared to other modules supporting just one technology.

FLEX_App module

FLEX_App offers a super price/feature ratio ! Based on the 13.56 MHz multi-functional and multi-technology RFID module FLEX, the new FLEX_App allows the user a direct access to the core LEGIC Advant 4200 chip, giving the user the option to develop his own applications. Because of this feature, extra costs for special hardware development and …

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FLEX module

As of today, the FLEX module offers also a keyboard emulation mode (HID function) to allow easy connection over USB. This HID function has the advantage that no special drivers need to be installed. Simply connect the FLEX module to a standard USB interface to use this FLEX module as keyboard emulation.


MULTITOP is a new desktop reader family for 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz transponders, offering HID functionality or virtual COM-port mode. This HID function has the advantage that no special drivers need to be installed. Simply connect the MULTITOP reader to a standard USB interface to use this reader as keyboard emulation. In virtual COM, …

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The well-known ProxLine card reader types MCR and MCR/K have been availabe for many years now in the different versions for 125 kHz EM4102 or Hitag, or 13.56 MHz Mifare or Legic transponders. As of now, MCR and MCR/K readers can be supplied also in a 13.56 MHz multi-ISO version, the MCRFLEX or MCR/K-FLEX, supporting …

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The new MULTITOP-FLEX reader from ProxTech International now offers the unique feature of a PC/SC interface. Every application with integrated smart card and RFID technology according to PCSC 2.01 can now also use the proprietary LEGIC technology without additional effort. A transparent channel is provided by the PC/SC reader driver in order to be able …

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ProxTech’s FLEX and FLEX_App module series, standard based on the LEGIC advant 4200 chipset, are completed with extra versions around the SM-4200M or SM-4500 & SM-4500M reader chipsets, offering many additional features. ProxTech’s FLEX and FLEX_App modules can now be exactly tailored to your needs. The new module with the SM-4200M from LEGIC allows full …

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COMPACT-DES is the latest module of the wide range of RFID modules of ProxTech International. This new module for 13.56 MHz MIFARE applications supports not only the standard MIFARE Classic tags, but also MIFARE DESFire EV1, Ultralight, PLUS S/X and NFC. This enlarges greatly the application domains for the COMPACT modules as DESFire is mainly …



COMPACT-ISO : a multi-ISO RFID module for ISO14443A, ISO15693 and NFC COMPACT-ISO is the newest module of the wide range of RFID modules of ProxTech International and opens a multitude of possibilities with just a single module.This new COMPACT-ISO module for 13.56 MHz applications supports a wide range of different RFID technologies in ISO14443A, ISO15693 …