COMPACT-ISO is the newest module of the wide range of RFID modules of ProxTech International and opens a multitude of possibilities with just a single module.

This new COMPACT-ISO module for 13.56 MHz applications supports a wide range of different RFID technologies in ISO14443A, ISO15693 and NFC. Amongst many others, COMPACT-ISO will read e.g. LEGIC advant, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1, Ultralight, I-Code SLI and NFC transponders. This enlarges greatly the application domains for these COMPACT-ISO modules.

During development, special attention was given to its compact dimensions and technical flexibility so that COMPACT-ISO can easily be fitted in various application. It offers amongst others a 3.3 to 5Vdc voltage, a wide range of supported RFID technologies and easy-to-integrate data interfaces (UART, USB).